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Barry Loser: set of 3 Books

Barry Loser: set of 3 Books

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Code No. : PB204

Author : Jim Smith

Publisher : Egmont

Book Type : Paperback Fiction

Size : 129mm x 180mm

Description :

A fantastic Barry Loser book collection including 'I am Not a Loser', 'I am Still Not a Loser' and 'I am so over being a Loser'. Follow Barry as he tries to throw off his loserness, take revenge on the terrible Fronkle-burping Darren Darrenofski and finally become a winner.

I am Not a Loser - 'I've never minded that my name's Barry Loser because my coolness has always cancelled it out, but ever since Darren Darrenofski joined school with his horrible little crocodile face he's been completely ruining my life about it.'

I am Still Not a Loser - Barry has a new problem: Gordon Smugly - who's got the most perfect name for himself ever in the history of having a name, because he looks like a Gordon and is smug and ugly - has stolen Barry's best friend. Join Barry as he attempts to get Bunky back, organises a girly-screamvoice test and tries to avoid seeing his teacher kissing his gran.

I am So Over Being a Loser - Barry’s mum has become a bit of celebrity, and now he can’t go anywhere without seeing a poster of her eating a chocolate digestive or wiggling her bum in a pair of jeans. It’s so annoy-embarrassing, and everyone at school is making fun of him.

Ideal for:
A hilarious trilogy for boys and girls who love funny books such as Mr Gum and Wimpy Kid, perfect for those over the age of 7 years.


Age : 7 - 11 year olds

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