Bob Books: Stage 1 Sight words

Bob Books: Stage 1 Sight words


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Code No. : ER136

Author : Lynn Maslen Kertell

Publisher : Scholastic

Book Type : First readers

Size : 140mm x 140mm

Description : 


Sight words are common words that appear again and again in your children's reading material. In Bob Books Sight Words  uses repetition and fun stories to introduce important sight words. Consistent short vowels and simple stories ensure that each book is a gentle step into realy reading. Inside you'll find:
10 easy to read, hilarious books.
30 two-sided flash cards.
30 new sight words - 3 introduced in each story.
Context clues and illustrations to give sight word hints.
Consitent short vowels for easy decoding in the rest of the story.

 age 5-6

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