Horrible Science: Blood, Bones and Body Bits

Horrible Science: Blood, Bones and Body Bits


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Code No. : NF114

Author : Nick Arnold & Tony de Saulles 

Publisher : Scholastic

Book Type : Non Fiction Paperback

Size : 155mm x 190mm

Description :

Bleeurrgh! Blood, bones, brains and body bits. A bone-chilling book of bodies to make kids squeal! Peek inside to discover all the squishy secrets of your body – including the nasty bits nobody wanted to tell you! Find out what happens when a boil bursts. See what lives in your eyelashes. Gulp at the workings of your disgusting digestion. And – aaaaargggh! – discover why corpses need haircuts even after they’re dead. This book of squishy, squelchy and amazing things lets children get the inside story on their insides – if they dare! But beware. It’s not for the nervous!

Ages 8 -12 Years

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