Horrible Science: Disgusting Digestion

Horrible Science: Disgusting Digestion


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Code No. : NF116

Author : Nick Arnold & Tony de Saulles 

Publisher : Scholastic

Book Type : Non Fiction Paperback

Size : 155mm x 190mm

Description :

It’s stinky. It’s smelly. It’s gooey and disgusting. Yes – if you can stomach the sick side of science, then take an icky look inside your stomach! Well, into your icky squishy innards, that is, where we’ll be dishing the dirt on your digestive system and all the other bits that are much too rude to mention here. So hold your breath and get ready to discover:

which people used to eat their dead relatives
how your food can painfully poison you
the unsavoury case of Typhoid Mary’s killer ice-cream
what mysterious minerals are found in your school dinner (honest!)
the sickening science of spew
why astronauts are banned from eating beans
So get inside your gruesome guts and their grisly secrets. It’s your chance to learn until you’re sick!

Ages 8 -12 Years

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