Mini Winnie

Mini Winnie


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Code No: ER162

Publisher : Oxford University Press

Author: Laura Owen

Book Type : Early Reader

Size : 130 x 200mm

Description :

Mini Winnie: maximum laughs! If you can’t get enough of Winnie’s magical madness, try this hysterical four-story book. Designed to support developing readers, and containing 96 pages of pure Winnie magic, it’s got laughter and mayhem galore in store. Chuckle as Winnie has a fussy relative to stay, gets all in a lather over her laundry… and offers her janitorial services to the local school, with terrible consequences! With Korky Paul’s gloriously zany line drawings exploding from each page, and more silly spells than you can shake a wand at, there’s only person who might not love Winnie’s big new adventures… poor old Wilbur the cat!

Age 6+

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