Monkey makes a mess

Monkey makes a mess

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Code No. : PS416

Author : Brian Glover

Publisher : Melrose Books

Book Type : Picture Story Book

Size : 210mm x 210mm

Description : 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your Teddy was real? Not just imagined, or one who comes alive when you re asleep, but really real? A Teddy that walks, talks, plays games, learns new things and can get in as much trouble as you can? No? Kurtis doesn t wonder either he doesn t need to. He has Monkey. His very own walking, talking teddy and bestest friend in the whole world. Read about Monkey and Kurtis as they try to survive real life and stay out of mischief. Monkey Makes a Mess is the first book in the Monkey series which aims to help children learn through stories and activities based around the everyday adventures of a small boy and his real life teddy. The books can be read by an adult to a child, an adult and a child together or a child on their own and enjoyed whichever way you choose. Each book contains new words, numbers and activities to help your child s development and the stories are fun too. The Monkey books: fun for kids, fun for adults, fun to share.

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