Set of 3 Nursery Rhyme Picture Books

Set of 3 Nursery Rhyme Picture Books

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Code No. : PS620

Author : Nora Hibb

Publisher : Childs Play

Book Type : Pack of 3 Books

Size : 260mm x 260mm

Description :

When you’re reading a book full of surprises, don’t you wish you could peep in and see what happens next? Well – these classic books are full of cut-out holes that let you sneak a peek ahead. Exactly what you wanted! Even better, they’re best-loved nursery rhymes that you’ll love to sing along to. Peep through the holes, wiggle your fingers, sing the tunes, make the noises and mime all the actions out.

  • All-time classic favourites in a novelty peephole format
  • Kids love peeking ahead and poking fingers in the holes
  • Nursery rhymes with actions that encourage joining in
  • A fantastic way for small children to interact with books

Ages 3 - 5 Years

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Our Price : €12.50

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