Set of 4 Rainbow magic Books

Set of 4 Rainbow magic Books


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Code No. : PB498

Author : Daisy Meadows

Publisher : Scholastic

Book Type : Set of 4 Paperback Fiction

Size : Book size 130mm x 200mm

Description :

How do your favourite fairy tales get their happy endings? It’s all thanks to these guardian girls. After all, fairies belong in fairy tales. Ask any fairy godmother. There’s only one problem: naughty Jack Frost. He’s made lots of fairytale characters fall out of their stories. Oh dear. Plus, he’s stolen the Fairytale Fairies’ magic, so they can’t just wave their wands and sort things out. Fixing this muddle will take some human help (like yours). Are you ready for magical fairytale fun?

Age: 6-9 years

RRP : £19.96(€23.95)

Our Price : €12.49

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