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Trouble on Thunder Mountain (Hardback)

Faber and Faber

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Code No. : PS415

Author : Russel Hoban

Publisher : Faber and Faber

Book Type : Picture Story Books

Size : 169mm x 222mm

Description : 

The highly respected author Russell Hoban and the famous illustrator Quentin Blake have joined forces to create a funny and enchanting picture book about market forces, modern architecture and ants.

The O'Saurus family of modern dinosaurs lives perfectly happily on Thunder Mountain until the evil J.M. Flatbrain from Megafreight International evicts them to make way for a plastic mountain theme park. Undefeated, the O'Sauruses join forces with the moles and the insects to build their own rival tourist attraction - a real mountain made from the earth and rocks discarded by Megafreight. As the signs go up and the gates open, which one will attract the most visitors?

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