Wilf The Mighty Worrier

Wilf The Mighty Worrier

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Code No. : PB236

Author : Georgia Pritchett

Publisher : Quercus Books

Book Type : Paperback Fiction

Size : 130mm x 190mm

Description : 

Meet Wilf. He worries about everything. He is a Mighty Worrier. And now the most evil man in the world has moved in next door...

Things Wilf was worried about before:

1. Stuffed animals.
2. Peanut Butter.
3. Creepy crawlies that have waggly feeler things instead of eyes.

Things Wilf is worried about now:

4. The most evil man in the world.
5. The most evil man in the world living next door.
6. Anyone called Alan.

When Alan, a self-styled Evil Lunatic, moves in next door with his grumpy robot sidekick and his silent right-hand-dog, Kevin Phillips, Wilf knows he will have to find a way to overcome his anxiety and fears. And soon he realises: only he can stop Alan's ridiculous yet still Quite Evil plan to destroy the world...


Age : 6 to 9 Years Old

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