Winnie's Haunted House

Winnie's Haunted House


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Code: PS646

Author : Valerie Thomas

Publisher : Oxford

Book Type : Picture Story Book

Size : 210mm x 270mm

Description : 

What could be spookier than Winnie’s dark mansion? Her dark haunted mansion, that’s what! A naughty ghost is on the loose in Winnie’s house. It’s smashed the vase and torn down the curtains. How can she get rid of it? No problem. With a wave of her wand, Winnie banishes the ghost… Oh, hang on. Oops! Instead, she fills the house with skeletons, ghouls, spiders and bats. It’s total spooky mayhem! Question: why does scaredy-cat Wilbur look so pleased about it all?

Ages 3-6 Years

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