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Let's Count 1-10 Around the World

Let's Count 1-10 Around the World

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Code No. : NF137

Author : 

Publisher : Lakepress

Book Type : Sound Book

Size : 290mm x 270mm

Description : 

Let's Count 1-10 Around the World is a fun sound-book for young children who will have fun learning how to count to ten, in ten different languages (English, Italian, Japanese, French, Turkish, Polish, Greek, Chinese (Mandarin), German and Spanish.

Each double-page spread shows features a child from around the world who, alongside a fun fact from their country, will teach the numbers from 1 - 10 in their language. A handy pronunciation guide is provided for each language to help you to read the words. You can also press the relevant sound button to hear the characters say the words too!

Let's Count 1-10 Around the World is an ideal book to promote multilingualism / multiculturalism and for encouraging children to acknowledge languages and cultures besides their own.

Ages 3- 7 Years

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