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The Littlest Witch

The Littlest Witch

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Code No. : PB865

Author : Bianca Pitzorno

Publisher : Catnip Publishing

Book Type : Paperback Fiction

Size : 129mm x 198mm

Description :

In order to inherit his great uncle s millions, Alfonso has to marry a witch. But who believes in witches in the 21st Century and in any case who would want to marry the ghastly Alfonso? Meanwhile Mr and Mrs Zep s seventh daughter Sibylla is starting to behave rather oddly. She floats in water, cannot see her reflection in a mirror and is the only one who can understand their pet parrot. So as far as marriage goes will Alfonso know which sister is witch? And which sister can stop his dastardly plan? A fabulous, funny, madcap adventure with a cast of crazy characters by one of Italy s greatest children's authors.

7 to 10 Years Old

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